I would recommend Cindy to care for your pets.  She is reliable, conscientious, thoughtful.  Took great care of my cats! 

Susan Lambert

I can highly recommend this sweet, intelligent, compassionate lady as an errand angel.

Leila Jane

Thank you so much Cindy Butler, for helping me with a ride around town to a few different stores! You were so patient and a very good driver. Thank you also for the assistance with the household chores! Your beautiful pup Elsa was very well behaved, and you were very professional and had a great attitude! For anyone looking for assistance, I highly recommend Errand Angel for all your needs! Well worth the cost!!!

Jessica Brazeau

Cindy sat with our mother a few hours each day. She is great. Cindy kept her engaged and busy. She also made her laugh and our mother really enjoyed her company. She helped keep the house picked up and made sure she eats. Cindy is just the angel we were looking for!

Rita D. – Bloomington, IL

I have known Cindy for a number of years. I know her to be a fine, honest, responsible woman. She is bright and creative with a good work ethic. Wherever she turns her hand, her heart goes into her efforts.

Sue Kirby – McLean, IL

I have worked closely with Cindy for several years and am very impressed with her work. I’ve trusted Cindy with financial matters and interaction with our guests (I own Meadowood Farm B&B in Vermont); she’s been a wonderful helper and companion.

Donna Ward – Shaftsbury, VT

Cindy demonstrates a giving and generous nature in all that she participates in; with character, charm, and a passion for life.

Debra Rohrs – Millbury, OH

Cindy, I’ve met people over and over dozens of times, and then there are others who touched my life indelibly in one meeting for their grace, caring and kindness. That was you…in Vermont. All the best, you are the best.

Joanne Anderson, Blacksburg, VA

We are so blessed to have you taking care of our mom! Thanks for all you do. Mom really enjoys your company.


Thanks for making the pot roast and cake in the crock pot. That was a nice, delicious treat. You are awesome and we truly feel so blessed to have you in our lives taking care of our mom.


This confirms what we knew already that you are the right person for our mom.


Cindy is cheerful, responsible and she gets the job done with a caring, conscientious and positive attitude–always outstanding and a cut above!


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